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Sep 23 2022

A viral TikTok is dissing how Millennials name their kids. Millennial parents have gained a reputation on social media for giving their kids names which try too hard to be unique, and in the process, become cringey to others. A Singapore-based TikToker went viral for making a rap about everything wrong with the baby name trends of today, like variations of the same name starting with different letters (Aiden, Cayden, Brayden) and spellings of common names with extra vowels—to which she sings, “I read those names and I thought I had dyslexia.” The video has more than 18K comments, some agreeing and laughing at the new ways Millennials find to spell names, and some wondering why others “have such strong opinions over what other people name THEIR kids?” The internet’s disdain for unconventional names could impact many young people as they have kids of their own, but YPulse data shows 37% of Millennial parents say they gave their child a unique / creative name. (TodayOnline)