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Heinz is reaching Millennial foodies with a new animated musical.

Sep 21 2022

Heinz is reaching Millennial foodies with a new animated musical. To promote their no-sugar-added ketchup, the brand is using Millennial slang and nostalgia in their “Adulting Anthem.” The musical video begins with a Disney-esque storybook, narrated by a young animated girl’s princess-worthy vocals, and tells a tale of how she grew up to realize “adulting sucks [because] you have to be healthy all the time.” A gang of anthropomorphized animals and kitchen appliances join in as they go on to sing all the mundane and annoying tasks that come along with adulting like folding laundry and finding tupperware lids. The moral of the story is, while “you can’t eat sweets all the time,” the no-sugar-added Heinz still adds a plus to making meals taste good while being healthier. Yet, the “adulting” phrase is outdated to Gen Z and YPulse’s The End of Food Culture (As We Know It) trend report data shows that almost half (47%) of Gen Z agree that Millennial food culture is cringey. (Adweek)