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Gen Z in Europe (and beyond) are embracing “unconventional” beauty trends. 

Sep 21 2022

Gen Z in Europe (and beyond) are embracing “unconventional” beauty trends. In the wake of the pandemic, young consumers are expressing themselves with out-there looks that speak to the live-life-to-the-fullest attitude they’ve gained since being released from lockdown isolation. Shaved heads, no eyebrows, and messy makeup are just a few of the tradition-bucking and gender-fluid looks popping up IRL and on socials, which is causing beauty experts and brands to dive into more niche products and styles. YPulse has been tracking the rise of trending styles such as #chaoscore, maximalism, and indie sleaze, all of which favor an unpolished and purposely messy aesthetic. Meanwhile, our Fits For The Feed trend report shows that young Europeans are using fashion to express themselves—and are finding their fashion and beauty inspiration on social media, where over-the-top looks live and proliferate. (Cosmetics Design Europe)