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Music is entering a new era—but is it really? 

Sep 20 2022

Music is entering a new era—but is it really? The success of Elvis’ biopic over the summer gave RCA Records a resurgence of coin as ‘60s hits like “Suspicious Minds” were brought back up the charts. But the biggest hit off the movie’s album was Doja Cat’s “Vegas” which “didn’t include a lick of Elvis’ work but did include samplings of Big Mama Thornton’s ‘Hound Dog’ — a song that Elvis covered to great success in the ’50s.” This is proving that young music listeners are attuned to sounds of the past with modern vocals and lyrics. Gen Z and Millennials are vastly familiar with sampling other artists and they simply can’t get enough; it all leads back to their affinity for “retro-gazing,” how they feel nostalgia and long for a past they haven’t lived through. YPulse’s Music report data shows that about a quarter of Gen Z and Millennials discover music through movie soundtracks but the majority are finding new tunes through social media. (The Verge)