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Short-form video app Clash is set on building a dedicated fanbase. 

Sep 16 2022

Short-form video app Clash is set on building a dedicated fanbase. While it may seem bizarre for a new short-form video app to launch with TikTok reigning supreme in the social media landscape, Clash is confident they can build a more engaged audience. Clash is for “ride or die” followers and for creators who have the most loyal fans, not necessarily the most followers. Clash users (is it safe to call them Clashers?) can “buy Clash’s Drop currency, and can send Drops to a creator they like through the app’s internal communication system, called FanMail.” The creators will then be able to cash out their earnings, which is vastly different from TikTok where only creators who meet certain follower and view requirements have the chance to make money. Yet, it might be difficult to convince Gen Z to move away from their favorite appYPulse research shows TikTok is the top platform they say they’re addicted to. (Tubefilter)