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Unboxing videos on TikTok are helping luxury fashion brands reach young consumers. 

Sep 09 2022

Unboxing videos on TikTok are helping luxury fashion brands reach young consumers. YPulse told you how unboxing videos on YouTube changed the toy industry, but on TikTok young consumers are watching a more luxurious version of unboxing content. The hashtag #Unboxing currently has 44.9 billion views and although this kind of content is similar to haul videos, the difference is that unboxing is more of a reveal, like opening a gift where the viewer gets to experience the unboxing process alongside the creator, while hauls are reserved for fast fashion and try-ons. Unboxing content is more of a personal experience and it’s more associated with luxury items that elicit a special feeling when opening the expensive packaging. For example, an influencer would post an unboxing video for a new Gucci bag, but they would post a haul for a large SHEIN purchase. Ultimately, unboxing is a cost effective marketing tool for luxury brands and helps them become more accessible to young consumers. (Vogue Business)