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Walmart is partnering with The Dodo to appeal to pet parents. 

Sep 08 2022

Walmart is partnering with The Dodo to appeal to pet parents. YPulse research shows that the majority (76%) of Millennials are pet parents and about half of young pet owners say pampering their pets makes them happy. In order to reach the largest market of pet owners, Walmart is tapping “pet-centric” media brand The Dodo, “the most-viewed creator of content about pets and animals globally, with 115 million followers on social media,” for a number of pet-themed perks. First, a line of “dog apparel, toys, accessories, and other products chosen by editors of The Dodo.” Then, Walmart Insurance Services will offer a new pet insurance program: Fetch by The Dodo. Also, a “Walmart Pet Lovers’ Box with the Dodo” can be purchased once or on a subscription basis that includes items that change by season. Each individual product ranges from $5 to $20, and the pet lovers’ box will be $19.99. (Forbes)