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“Sittervising” is the latest TikTok parenting trend combating burnout. 

Sep 01 2022

“Sittervising” is the latest TikTok parenting trend combating burnout. Mom guilt is real—and given the many pressures of having to work, take care of household chores, and keep up with seemingly perfect momfluencers, it’s almost impossible to not feel guilty about being too tired to play with their kids. For young and new parents, it can be instinctual to hover, but that gets exhausting—enter “sittervising,” where parents supervise their kids from a seated position. Originally coined by mom-expert Susie Allison, this method is spreading across TikTok as the answer burnt out parents have been searching for. Ultimately, “Sittervising” encourages independent playtime while still maintaining a safe environment. The practice helps both parents and kids by allowing parents to relax and take a load off while simultaneously giving their kids a form of autonomy. YPulse’s parenting report data shows about a quarter of parents look to social media for parenting advice. (Scary Mommy)