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Millennial parents are more likely to shop for their groceries online. 

Sep 01 2022

Millennial parents are more likely to shop for their groceries online. The online grocery market was taking off even before the pandemic, but COVID made it a mainstay in many young consumers’ lives—and especially among time-strapped Millennial parents. Now, a recent study shows that Millennial parents are the ones shopping for groceries online the most, with this demographic reporting making 23% of their packaged food and beverage purchases online—more than other young consumers. Meanwhile, Millennial parents are more likely to say they enjoy the online shopping experience. YPulse’s Food Shopping and Trends research shows that the majority of Millennial parents have bought groceries online, and are 8pts more likely to have done so than their non-parent peers. Meanwhile, our research shows that parents are divided on whether they prefer online shopping versus in-person shopping, but convenience is always a top priority for this group, meaning for them, on-demand groceries may be here to stay. (Grocery Dive)