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A dad’s response to his daughter’s skateboarding fall is going viral. 

Sep 01 2022

A dad’s response to his daughter’s skateboarding fall is going viral. In a classic comeback story, a dad’s Instagram video is taking social media by storm thanks to his astonishing parenting skills. While helping his daughter practice dropping on a small skateboarding ramp, she takes a shocking fall, but dad’s quick ability to bounce back from the scary incident encourages her to try again. He first asks her, “Did it scare you or did it hurt you?” and that phrase alone is what’s grabbing viewers’ attention. The daughter follows with, “What if I fall again?…I’m kind of scared…and I really want to do it.” To which dad replies, “Sometimes it’s scary doing hard things.” It’s his encouragement, gentle parenting style, and persistence that has made viewers swoon and elicited comments like, “Wish all kids had dads like you & experiences like this where they feel held in safety while trying out new hard things. You are a treasure!” (Today)