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Make way for 3D printing in the beauty industry. 

Sep 01 2022

Make way for 3D printing in the beauty industry. YPulse research shows Gen Z and Millennials are constantly trying new makeup trends—and now they have the opportunity to quite literally create their own with the Mink Makeup Printer. While 3D printing is typically associated with tech and auto parts, Mink’s printer works with ingredients safe to apply on the face. Similarly to an InkJet printer, the Mink Makeup Printer uses an uploaded photo and “takes a substrate, which is coated with a powder, and it takes the ink and it deposits it onto the powder.” Once the powder absorbs the ink, the product is ready to wear. Depending on the color ink, the printed powders can be used as eyeshadow, blush, foundation powder, and eyebrow powder. Both the powder and Mink makeup sheets are completely recyclable. (Mashable)