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American Eagle is tapping Roblox and Meta Quest 2 to reach Gen Z. 

Sep 01 2022

American Eagle is tapping Roblox and Meta Quest 2 to reach Gen Z. The retailer is upping their metaverse budget and continuing their efforts in virtual spaces in order to attract young consumers this back to school season. According to the brand, their “Roblox presence has seen 30 million unique visitors so far, which Roblox said exceeds visitor numbers of other retail brands in the space.” Just this month, Gen Z artist Blu DeTiger performed the American Eagle original song “Vintage” atop a Roblox stage and now they’re incorporating unique shopping experiences in-store, too. The brand is giving shoppers in select locations “the opportunity to use Meta Quest 2 headsets to get an immersive, 360-degree video experience that takes them behind the scenes of the brand’s back-to-school ad campaign.” YPulse’s The Metaverse trend report data shows that nearly 60% of 13-39-year-olds agree that brands need to interact with virtual worlds to stay relevant. (Digiday)