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Young adults are struggling with their overall well-being. 

Aug 31 2022

Young adults are struggling with their overall well-being. Happiness and life satisfaction levels used to be U-shaped, as in both young people and older people generally reported doing better than those who are middle-aged. But new research from the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard shows that over the past decade, the U-shaped pattern has completely sunk on the left side, meaning that peoples’ overall well-being is now increasing with age. Young people are reporting being unhappy, unhealthy, feeling like their lives have less meaning, combating greater struggles with their character, having poorer relationships, and being less financially stable than older gens. While there are a number of possible causes, YPulse’s Mental Health report data shows Gen Z and Millennials’ mental health, financial situation, and their relationships with family and friends were the top three aspects of their lives that were negatively impacted by the pandemic. (Psychology Today)