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Wait, Snapchat’s dual camera feature is not copying BeReal? 

Aug 31 2022

Wait, Snapchat’s dual camera feature is not copying BeReal? Starting today, Snap is unveiling their dual camera component within the app’s main toolbar of functionalities. Snapchatters will be able to take both photos and videos using their front and back facing cameras at the same time. The icon looks like two cameras atop one another on the main camera screen and when clicked, users will be taken right to the dual camera options. Users can align the two images horizontally or vertically and they even have the ability to cut out their selfie portion and have it pasted on their back camera image. For example, “if you took a photo in the stands at a baseball game, you’d see yourself cut out (get it?) and pasted on top of the baseball field.” Unlike Instagram’s BeReal-like efforts, Snap will not be giving users a timer or challenge to go along with the function.