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A Mexican-Chinese super hero is unveiling forgotten history. 

Aug 31 2022

A Mexican-Chinese super hero is unveiling forgotten history. A new issue of the comic book El Peso Hero is featuring El Comandante Chonga, “a superhero whose family history is tied to the racist 1911 Torreón massacre against Chinese and Japanese Mexicans.” In the new three-part story arc, El Peso Hero Sicario War, Enrique Chong, a Chinese Mexican special forces commander, teams up with El Peso Hero as they navigate the events and history surrounding the massacre. The comic’s creator and artist Héctor Rodríguez wants to show that “There is a long history of Chinese immigration to Mexico…but there is also a history of anti-Chinese movements, including deportations, expulsions and genocide. And this history has been forgotten or purposely put away.” Beyond comics, YPulse research shows that Gen Z and Millennials want to see iconic characters in media recast with BIPOC actors; and (along with Disney princesses) superheroes were their top choices. (NBC)