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TikTok’s new Nearby feed is exposing users to more local content. 

Aug 26 2022

TikTok’s new Nearby feed is exposing users to more local content. This time, TikTok is the one modeling a new feature after other apps, introducing a section like Snapchat’s Snap Maps and Instagram’s searchable map. Currently in a limited testing phase, users will be able to access the new Nearby feed tab located next to the Following and For You feeds within the home page. The new feature is meant to work along the app’s new ability for creators to add location tags to their videos. Ultimately, the Nearby feed is a way for users to be exposed to even more personalized and relevant content. The feed will display local content that specifically caters to what each individual user wants to see. YPulse’s research shows that young people want to see personalized feeds and this will give local small businesses an opportunity to reach them. (TechCrunch)