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Gen Z is rebranding periods of their lives as romanticized “eras.”

Aug 26 2022

Gen Z is rebranding periods of their lives as romanticized “eras.” To Gen Z, “era” is the new “moment” or “season,” and young people are posting about the various “changes in their life, style or attitude by announcing, with a self-aware dramatic flair, that they have entered a new ‘era.’” Similar to main character energy, entering a new era is about “taking ownership of your own story, even (especially) the messy parts.” The best part is that their own declaration of a new era makes it so—and stems from a hyper awareness of their character flaws in a way that lets young people laugh at themselves. #FlopEra on TikTok has over 2.6 billion views and showcases memes and story-times that highlight a period of failure or defeat. There’s also Villain Era, “which is less about being actually evil and more about not letting other people’s perceptions and expectations dictate your behavior,” and Reputation Era (its namesake after Taylor Swift’s album) which hyperbolizes “a woman scorned.” (Washington Post)