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TikTokers are taping their mouths shut before they go to sleep.

Aug 25 2022

TikTokers are taping their mouths shut before they go to sleep. YPulse’s What Is Wellness? trend report data shows over half of Gen Z and Millennials track their sleep and the majority say that they measure how healthy they are by how much sleep they get. But some are using those sleeping hours for some dubious wellness trends. Young TikTok users are sharing how taping their mouths shut before bed can help to “retrain the body to breathe through the nose.” The hashtag #MouthTape surprisingly has 34.3 million views, with creators advocating that mouth tape can prevent snoring, improve facial structure, better align teeth, and help with congestion or asthma. Of course, medical providers are weighing in on the trend saying the risks far outweigh the benefits; it can cause obstructed breathing, sleep apnea, irritation/allergic reaction to the tape, and an overall disruption of sleep. (Healthline)