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Back to school season is go-time for parents—and germs. 

Aug 25 2022

Back to school season is go-time for parents—and germs. YPulse’s Back to School Shopping report shows how parents are gearing up for the school year, and although things are closer to normal this year, Clorox is imploring parents not to overlook the spread of germs. Recent research from “Clorox® brand found that the clothes kids wore to school came back 28 times germier than the average toilet seat.” What’s more is that when sanitizing, parents most often neglect their kid’s backpack, which can be “31 times germier than the average cell phone.” The survey also reveals that “69% of parents are concerned about their children bringing germs home from school and more than half (54%) expect their kids to get them sick.” In honor of the BTS season, the brand is partnering with Allyson Felix, track & field gold medalist, entrepreneur, and Millennial mom to educate parents on the spread of germs and how they can “stop families in their tracks.” (PRNewswire)