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Young consumers can’t stop impulsively buying from their feeds.

Aug 24 2022

Young consumers can’t stop impulsively buying from their feeds. According to a Bankrate survey, “over 60% of social media users say they regret making at least one impulse purchase of a product they saw on social media.” Now that most social apps let users shop their feeds, these kinds of purchases are becoming harder to resist and targeted ads are especially effective at getting young consumers to buy products that they’re most interested in. A recent Ipsos survey also found that almost half of Gen Z say that “the reason for their most recent online impulse buy was to reward themselves, compared to 34% of the general population.” Impulse buying for this gen is the product of a “treat yourself” mindset that YPulse digs into in our What Is Wellness? trend report. Our data shows 63% of Gen Z and Millennials agree: “retail shopping is a form of wellness.” (CNBC)