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TikTok’s in-app mobile browser is sparking major privacy concerns. 

Aug 24 2022

TikTok’s in-app mobile browser is sparking major privacy concerns. It’s no secret Gen Z’s favorite app is considered dangerous by older gens—but new research has revealed some of the data the app can track and collect while using their in-app browser. Any link a user clicks on TikTok will open within the app using its own browser rather than Chrome or Safari and the code embedded by TikTok allows them to monitor just about every move a user makes. Each keystroke and tap on their screen, including text inputs like passwords and credit card numbers, can be viewed. While TikTok claims they are not using it at the moment, and there is no way to verify how the data is being collected / used, the mere fact that they have the system is sounding alarms—but for young users, this isn’t new info. Digital natives are accustomed to having their whole lives online and YPulse’s The Privacy Issue trend report data shows 62% agree that having less digital privacy is unavoidable. (