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TikTok influencers are not properly crediting Latinx foods. 

Aug 23 2022

TikTok influencers are not properly crediting Latinx foods. YPulse recently reported how cultural appropriation keeps trending—with “spa water” being a popularized “wellness trend” when in actuality, agua fresca (fresh water) has been a Mexican and Latin American staple for years. The “spa water” trend is the most recent in a copious amount of “unwarranted rebrand[s] of Mexican and Latin cuisine on TikTok and Instagram.” A number of TikTokers have been hyping “cowboy caviar”—which is really just various chopped veggies that are reminiscent of pico de gallo or vegetarian ceviche. While some Latinx chefs have jumped in on the controversy to say there’s nothing wrong with “cultural food exchanges,” they do have a problem when credit to the original culture isn’t given, and it “can be frustrating when the authenticity of the food gets lost in translation,” especially when influencers don’t get the names right. YPulse’s Local / Global Citizenship report data shows that 64% of young people agree that cultural appropriation is a problem in the U.S., and recognizing the cultural roots of trends is vital for brands. (HuffPost)