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Shopify is helping creators connect with the platform’s millions of merchants. 

Aug 23 2022

Shopify is helping creators connect with the platform’s millions of merchants. Like most online shopping spaces, Shopify hit big during the pandemic, but the number of new merchants on the site has dropped significantly—and they’re hoping their new feature will help them become a “dominant force” in the shoppable content/creator space. Their new shoppable content feature Shopify Collabs is aiming to pair content creators with merchants whose passions align. This will ultimately help each party to capitalize off the pairing and “further emphasizes the role shoppable content holds as a marketing tactic.” Both creators and marketers can find each other by making a Shopify Collab account, and scrolling through; once a potential partnership is found, creators can use Shopify’s Linkpop tool to create a “link in bio” page that curates the products they feature in their content into a shoppable collection. YPulse research shows 64% of young consumers are interested in social shopping. (Marketing Dive)