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Facebook will no longer be a top app thanks to TikTok and BeReal. 

Aug 23 2022

Facebook will no longer be a top app thanks to TikTok and BeReal. In the U.S. App Store, Facebook has been struggling to hold a place in the top ten list this past year—and young consumers are the ones driving this shift. In the wake of newer and more relatable networking experiences like TikTok and BeReal, Facebook is falling behind. According to app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Facebook has dropped out of the top ten a total of 59 times during just the first half of 2022 and has even stayed out of the list for as long as 37 consecutive days; compared to only two consecutive days in 2021. In April, when Facebook was sinking the most, BeReal was climbing the charts and settled into the top five. Now, BeReal has made its place as the number one non-gaming app in the U.S. App Store. YPulse’s Social Media Monitor report data shows almost a quarter of Gen Z and Millennials say they used Facebook in the past, but chose to stop using it. (TechCrunch)