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The metaverse is morphing into a go-to side hustle for young entrepreneurs. 

Aug 22 2022

The metaverse is morphing into a go-to side hustle for young entrepreneurs. There’s a growing number of young people who are turning to the metaverse for extra cash—some are even making more than their main jobs there. For many, a metaverse side hustle is a way to make money by doing what they love, and bringing their hobbies to virtual spaces is essentially the future of the internet. With more brands entering games like RobloxFortnite, and Minecraft, “there is growing demand for avatar accessory designers, game developers, consultants and influencers to help accelerate the market for digital goods in the metaverse.” Designer Nikki Fuego says that “she earns more selling digital apparel in the metaverse than what she makes in customer service for a startup.” YPulse’s research on fashion in the metaverse shows 41% of 13-39-year-olds have purchased clothing / accessories for their avatar. (NBC)