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Gen Z and Millennials are using beige flags as a new dating profile warning sign. 

Aug 22 2022

Gen Z and Millennials are using beige flags as a new dating profile warning sign. When it comes to dating, everyone knows red flags are a clear “stay away from this person” and green flags are an obvious “yes!”—but as more and more dating profiles display boring and predictable “quirks,” beige flags have emerged as a new type of warning sign. Creator Caitlin MacPhail, who coined the term, says “most people’s dating profiles are littered with beige flags.” Put simply, beige flags are signs on a dating app that clearly show someone hasn’t put much thought or effort into their profile, thus they probably won’t put much into a relationship. The easiest beige flags to spot include overly quoting mainstream sitcoms like The Office, talking about crypto, saying they’ll probably love their dog more than you (with a picture of said dog as their main image), gym selfies and references, and making what they think are nuanced statements like “pineapple on pizza is actually amazing.” YPulse’s Dating and Relationships report shows over half of 18-24-year-olds use dating apps for fun or just to pass the time. (Mashable)