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Millennial parents don’t know how to handle their kids’ screentime. 

Aug 18 2022

Millennial parents don’t know how to handle their kids’ screentime. YPulse’s research shows that 70% of parents agree “I let my kids have a lot more screentime during quarantine, and still do”—and it seems that it’s a problem around the world. A survey of Australian Millennial parents by Edith Cowan University found that with “no rule book” around screentime, this generation is making it up guidelines around kids’ digital use as they go along, and it’s causing conflict. The majority (75%) say that they have family tension and disagreements over mobile media use. But at the same time, almost a third say they’ve never looked for any “official guidelines,” and according to the researchers, “Our results show parents are using informal networks, which could indicate the official guidelines around digital media use are either difficult to understand or not fit for purpose.” (Study Finds)