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BRILLO the Italian bartending robot is there when you don’t want human interaction. 

Aug 18 2022

BRILLO the Italian bartending robot is there when you don’t want human interaction. Scientists at the University of Naples Federico II have developed the Bartending Robot for Interactive Long-Lasting Operations (BRILLO) that can do everything a human bartender is capable of. BRILLO is able to “remember your favorite drinks, make small chit-chat, and even crack jokes if that’s the mood at the bar.” With a vintage ‘20s ‘fit (complete with a vest and bowtie), BRILLO sports mechanical arms with a semi-human looking face meant to make him appear more personable. Instead of building a simple machine that can make drinks, the scientists wanted to “mimic the important social aspects of a bartender’s job.” BRILLO will be able to read customers’ moods and interact with them accordingly, but since he still needs to undergo some testing, he won’t be going mainstream just yet. YPulse’s Future Tech Forecast trend report data shows 61% of Gen Z and Millennials are comfortable with robots. (Mashable)