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Election misinformation is flooding TikTok as the midterms approach. 

Aug 17 2022

Election misinformation is flooding TikTok as the midterms approach. False information via deep fakes, impersonations, and banned hashtags (evolving through creative spelling) are circulating the app globally, despite TikTok’s efforts to control this type of content. In the U.S. the app now is prepping for baseless, conspiratorial misinformation that is just as problematic as content on Facebook and Twitter have been in past elections. Problems on the platform pose a threat to Gen Z and Millennials who widely use the app for entertainment and news purposes alike. TikTok says it is virtually impossible to manage short-form video content because “pseudonyms are common; parody and comedy videos are easily misinterpreted as fact; popularity affects the visibility of comments; and data about publication time and other details are not clearly displayed on the mobile app.” YPulse’s Social Media Monitor report data shows 48% of Gen Z says they’re addicted to TikTok, making them especially vulnerable as new voters. (NYT)