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Gen Z workers are “quiet quitting” for more work-life balance.

Aug 16 2022

Gen Z workers are “quiet quitting” for more work-life balance. We know young employees are rejecting hustle culture, but now they’ve coined the phrase “quiet quitting” which means they are no longer going above and beyond for their jobs, and consider “doing the bare minimum” a form of quitting. The buzzword first appeared on TikTok and the hashtag #QuietQuitting now has 3.7 million views with videos of young workers sharing their stories. Most emphasize the fact that they began “quiet quitting” unintentionally as a result of burnout. According to Gallup, employee engagement across the U.S. is declining, but Gen Z reported the lowest at 31% during the first quarter. While they don’t plan on actually leaving their jobs, Gen Z is focused on prioritizing their lives outside of work instead. YPulse’s What’s Next For Work trend research shows 78% of young people have felt burnt out because of work, but they also are fueling mental health discussions in the workplace to help combat this. (WSJ)