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New skincare brand Foreverist is helping with tattoo aftercare.

Aug 12 2022

New skincare brand Foreverist is helping with tattoo aftercare. Robert Boyle, founder of Foreverist and owner of Nice Tattoo Parlor, recognizes that there are “deep symbiosis” between the skincare, beauty, and tattoo industry. He also notices that most tattoo products simply make fresh ink look shiny and don’t actually do anything beneficial for the skin. His collection consists of a Healing Cream, Hydrating Cream, and a Brightening Day Protection Sunscreen. The three products are meant to aid in each of the aftercare stages: the immediate post-tattoo stage, the healing stage, and the post-healing stage. While the brand just launched this month, it has young consumer appeal with bright floral collages and simplistic packaging. YPulse research shows 63% of Gen Z and Millennials say their skincare routine has become more elaborate in the last year and 41% of young people have tattoos. (Bustle)