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Successful marketing to Gen Z can no longer rely on old tactics.

Aug 10 2022

Successful marketing to Gen Z can no longer rely on old tactics. As the most diverse generation, Gen Z is not tolerating other gens who look at them as “others.” Meaning that they are not living by any behavior codes, they’re eradicating social norms instead. With the largest LGBTQ+ population, largest racial diversity, and the majority supporting womens’ reproductive rights, the gen is rejecting any notions of conformity. For these reasons, Gen Z is more likely to call out brands and hold them accountable. According to consumer analytics company ThinkNow, “Gen Z [is] less likely than [M]illennials to support companies that make public commitments. It’s not that Gen Z doesn’t want companies to say the right thing—they do, but they also want actions.” For example, the gen is still making Disney answer for supporting Florida politicians who helped the “Don’t Say Gay” bill go into law. Gen Z wants brands to support the social causes they care about most and YPulse’s Causes/Charity and Activism report data shows 88% of Gen Z agrees: “If a brand voices their support of a social issue, they should also be making an active effort to help the cause.” (Adweek)