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Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is showcasing Gen Z’s main character energy. 

Aug 10 2022

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is showcasing Gen Z’s main character energy. The film follows a group of twenty-somethings who seek refuge from a hurricane in a drug-filled mansion. When they end up playing a murder/mystery game and real bodies start turning up, things get more serious. With headliners like Pete Davidson and Amandla Stenberg, “the dark-humored satire skewers everything from the panic of the Wi-Fi cutting out to social media challenges gone wrong.” The film’s director ensures his intentions were not to mock or undermine the gen—making TikToks with Tyga, Tinder gossip, Zodiac signs, real Gen Z playlists, and “Curtis Roach’s Gen Z quarantine anthem ‘Bored In the House,’” are what drives the hip plot. YPulse research shows comedy is the number one genre Gen Z watches weekly while horror is in the top five. (USAToday)