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The new Pretty Little Liars HBO spinoff has two Black female leads.

Aug 09 2022

The new Pretty Little Liars HBO spinoff has two Black female leads. Zaria and Chandler are only in their early twenties and they’re already starting their careers as role models for young Black girls. When Zaria saw that “the cast announcement came out with not one but two Black women leads, [she remembered] feeling excitement mixed with heartbreak because such casting is rare.” Zaria also says, “it is a really amazing thing to have a sister in the same space in the same field, and to work alongside Chandler [Kinney] is just the dream come true.” For Kinney, she recognizes there weren’t many opportunities for Black girls when she was a kid and knew she “had to make every opportunity count.” However, HBO still has a way to go when it comes to representation. YPulse research shows only a quarter of BIPOC young consumers feel HBO is a diverse and inclusive source of entertainment. (Teen Vogue)