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Young designers are fueling demi-couture, making luxury fashion more accessible. 

Aug 04 2022

Young designers are fueling demi-couture, making luxury fashion more accessible. A new generation of designers are bringing couture to a broader market with demi-couture, which has “the principles of couture but is sold in a ready-to-wear manner.” Young designers like Bach Mai, Halpern, Luchen, Harris Reed, and Wiederhoeft are emphasizing their use of craftsmanship with unique fabrics while catering to retailers, allowing them to stand out in the industry. Demi-couture is also inspiring traditional luxury brands like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Marc Jacobs, who are adhering to the demands of wealthy celebs who purchase extravagant formal-wear while making more accessible versions of those same ideas for retailers. YPulse’s research shows how Gen Z and Millennials are redefining luxury, and the top qualities young people say are important to define a brand as luxury are being “higher quality” and “being designed beautifully.” (Fashionista)