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The Tab app is helping restaurant goers more easily split the bill—that’s all.

Aug 04 2022

The Tab app is helping restaurant goers more easily split the bill—that’s all. The Tab app serves one purpose—and that’s okay because it’s a vital part of going out to eat. While apps like Splitwise function to split and monitor any type of expense, Tab functions with the sole purpose of splitting meal bills with a group of people. The app easily signs up new users, selects items each person ordered, and calculates a 20% tip into the total. One person will volunteer to pay with cash/credit, snap a picture of the bill for an itemized list version in the app, and on “the top of this itemized list, there is a code that the person in charge of the bill gives out to the group. Anyone joining the bill simply has to tap ‘Join Bill’ from the main screen, regardless of whether they have an account, and then input the code given to them.” Each person can choose a nickname and proceed to select what they ordered. Multiple people can select one meal if they split it. From there, each person will be given the option to pay the volunteer main person via cash or Venmo. YPulse’s Fintech report data shows 41% of Gen Z and Millennials use a peer-to-peer payment app to purchase food and 43% use one to pay back family/friends. (The Verge)