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For Gen Z, “core is the new chic”—but what exactly does that mean?

Aug 02 2022

For Gen Z, “core is the new chic”—but what exactly does that mean? Terms like Barbiecore, Fairycore, RegencyCore, and Cottagecore have been floating around the fashion industry, Pinterest boards, and home design for quite some time now and young consumers are basing their entire lives (or at least their online ones) around these trending aesthetics. While popular, cores are extremely fleeting—the microtrends can be a hit one week and completely gone the next. For example, Regencycore hit its peak around the release of Bridgerton and now according to Google Trends, not many are searching for it. However, the Gen Z-loved resale app Depop says “the trends that have held strong through 2022 on the app are fairycore, gorpcore, and cottagecore.” While most cores encourage disposable fashion, for young consumers, they represent an entire lifestyle, build community, and ways of thinking. YPulse’s Gen Z 101: Unlocking and Outlasting Microtrends highlights Gen Z’s values and behaviors behind the latest microtrends. (Vogue)