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Dick’s Sporting Goods is telling Gen Z to “Sport Your Style” on Roblox.

Aug 02 2022

Dick’s Sporting Goods is telling Gen Z to “Sport Your Style” on Roblox. YPulse’s Back to School Shopping report data shows 82% of Gen Z and Millennials view back to school shopping as its own shopping season and in Dick’s Sporting Goods’ new metaverse experience, they’re helping kids get in the BTS mood. Their “School of Sport” activation is taking users through a virtual high school where they can use a virtual currency called “style points” to buy back to school gear for their avatars. Most BTS campaigns are geared towards parents, but Dick’s is talking directly to students with an emphasis on “sports, style, and cool” on a platform students know and love. There are six different areas where kids can roam and participate in activities: “The Locker Room, which acts as a sort of orientation for users as well as The Field, The Hallways, The Gymnasium and The Outdoor Cafeteria. The final area has to be uncovered through exploration.” It doesn’t stop there either, like most immersive Roblox games, users will also be able to socialize with other players, earn stickers/badges, and compete in obstacle courses. (Marketing Dive)