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Chipotle’s new Buy the Dip game is giving away $200K in crypto.

Jul 27 2022

Chipotle’s new Buy the Dip game is giving away $200K in crypto. As National Avocado Day (July 31st) approaches, Chipotle is looking to celebrate by launching a limited-time stock market simulator game that encourages players to “buy the dip” as they watch a fictional crypto tracker that emulates the highs and lows of the ever changing crypto market. From now until the 31st, Chipotle will be giving “$10,000 worth of Bitcoin, $5,000 in Ethereum, $1,250 in Solana, and $3,000 each in Avalanche and Dogecoin,” but players will only be able to access the game online through their Chipotle Rewards account from 10am to 6pm PT and have just three attempts per day. YPulse research shows Chipotle is one of Gen Z and Millennials’ top favorite fast food restaurants and the chain’s frequent immersion in the metaverse and crypto is one of the ways they’re reaching young consumers. (Marketing Dive)