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U.K. consumers are spending more on clothing—but buying less.

Jul 21 2022

U.K. consumers are spending more on clothing—but buying less. After two years of sweatpants and loungewear, young consumers are ready to look their best, leading to a boom in clothing sales deemed “revenge spending.” Research from British research group Kantar shows that U.K. consumers are spending around 20% more on clothing this year compared to last year in 2021. But at the same time, the study finds, the amount of clothing being sold has dropped 8% year-over-year, indicating that post-pandemic fashion spending is focused on quality over quantity. YPulse’s recent WE Mass Merch Mentality trend report shows that big box stores are altering young Europeans’ view of shopping, redefining what’s considered expensive. But while these gens list “good value” and “cheap” as two of the top types of products they buy when shopping retail, aspirationally, they want high-quality and luxury products the most. As they revenge buy summer ‘fits and going-out clothes, it’s possible they’re willing to shop aspirationally for pricier items that feel special. (The Guardian)