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Gymshark launched a new mental-health-focused barbershop in London.

Jul 21 2022

Gymshark launched a new mental-health-focused barbershop in London. Gymshark, the U.K.-based apparel brand, launched an innovative pop-up barbershop last week in London. At Deload—the name of this temporary concept store—men receive a traditional trim while sharing their feelings in a “non-judgemental safe space” with their mental-health-trained barbers. This is yet another impactful marketing campaign from the British apparel brand, which made headlines for a female athlete-championing campaign in March 2022 for International Women’s Day. This new initiative aimed at men’s mental health will likely be welcomed by young British consumers. Young consumers have always advocated for more mental health resources, but the negative impact of the pandemic on their emotional well-being heightened their focus. Now, according to YPulse’s recent Mental Health Report, 76% of them appreciate mental health support from brands, and as many say that brands have a responsibility to help end the mental health stigma. (RetailGazette)