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A super-messy Millennial mom is earning millions of TikTok views.

Jul 21 2022

A super-messy Millennial mom is earning millions of TikTok views. Bri James is a mom of four who posts TikTok content about her life and kids, and her most popular content is all about just how messy her house gets. In her most-viewed video, which has been watched almost 18 million times, James gives a brief tour of her living space, with clothes scattered around, four days of unwashed dishes, and “random stuff” piling up. In her commentary she explains, “I know I’m going to get roasted, I know it, but…this is what happens when two really lazy adults have four kids and don’t pick up after themselves.” Many of her messy posts include the caption “this is to keep me accountable not for views,” but viewers are watching, and love her honesty and transparency. Comments on her videos are often supportive and thankful, with many commiserating with her experience. YPulse’s Millennial Parenting report found that the majority of Millennial parents like when people are honest about how hard it is to be a parent. (BuzzFeed)