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Gen Z wants IRL doctor visits and mental health support at work.

Jul 19 2022

Gen Z wants IRL doctor visits and mental health support at work. Though they’re often thought of as the virtual generation, according to a survey by Able Partners and Springbank on Gen Z employees, 62% say they want to communicate with their primary care provider in-person and half say a convenient location is their top priority when looking for a primary doctor. But the gen values social media for other health benefits: The survey also shows, “One in five teens and young adults report that social media is important for receiving support (20%) and feeling less alone (21%).” As for their mental health, the gen wants support and benefits from work; “Over half of those surveyed (63%) say mental health care is the number-one workplace benefit they want after a 401(k).” Gen Z is overall expecting that corporate America will worry less about where, when, and how their work is done and be more concerned about the results and happiness of employees instead. YPulse research shows the top employee benefits Gen Z is looking for are sick leave (36%) and mental health support (33%). (Fortune)