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Kids music is changing to appeal to Millennial parents.

Jul 08 2022

Kids music is changing to appeal to Millennial parents. For a generation of parents who historically spent more time with their kids than ever before these past two years, “children’s music has become omnipresent.” So some children’s musicians are working to make kids’ songs “at least bearable” for adult ears. Early-childhood music brand Peachy Keen is adding to Apple Music’s independent platform Platoon with a new “Animal Songs” album, focused on creating music to be enjoyed by both parents and kids alike. The album was recorded by some of the countries top musical artists across varying genres, and teaming with musicians parents will recognize automatically makes kid’s music more tolerable. “The subject matter they explore ranges from the sublime inclusivity anthem Love Is Love (Rainbow Family) to the ridiculous Sad Spaghetti, written from the viewpoint of a lonely leftover strand of pasta. It lifts directly from the millennial parent’s playbook.” YPulse research shows the way Millennials discover music has changed and for Millennial parents, a lot of what they hear daily involves the Encanto soundtrack on repeat, so more albums like “Animal Songs” is sure to elicit some relief for them. (The Guardian)