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Not gonna lie, Gen Z is making NGL dominate their Instagram feeds.

Jul 06 2022

Not gonna lie, Gen Z is making NGL dominate their Instagram feeds. The new messaging app, an acronym for the phrase “I’m not going to lie,” is letting users send and receive anonymous messages, and young Instagrammers are eating it up. Millennials may remember anonymous messaging apps with a similar “ask me anything” structure: “The format of NGL is reminiscent of platforms from the late 2000s and the 2010s, like Formspring (later rebranded as and, on which users were able to anonymously ask users questions.” But NGL is available through their Instagram handles where users are posting questions on their stories and followers are responding anonymously. Young people are also uploading links to their NGL inboxes in their bios and directing their followers to send them any questions or comments. 7.27 million of the app’s 7.3 million total downloads happened in June alone, bringing its rank on the Appstore from 355th place to first in just over a few weeks. YPulse has reported that Gen Z is loving apps that show anonymity and authenticity, but there’s always the risk of increased cyber bullying on such platforms and NGL is aiming to reduce target terms. (NBC)