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NBC’s new show Dancing With Myself is a nod to TikTok’s dance trend culture. 

Jul 05 2022

NBC’s new show Dancing With Myself is a nod to TikTok’s dance trend culture. Shakira, Nick Jonas, and internet celebrity Liza Koshy are teaming up to judge the new reality competition show based on viral dance challenge phenomena. TikTok’s popularity (and Charlie D’Amelio’s career) was built on the foundation of dance and despite the ever evolving trends on the app, dance challenges still pop up pretty consistently and are permanently embedded in Gen Z pop culture. Hosted by model Camille Kostek, Dancing With Myself consists of a grid-like stage with stacked cubicles (pods), emulating a phone screen, and is “trying to legitimize TikTok dance in a venue that is the antithesis of TikTok,” i.e. the nostalgia of traditional game show television. The judges teach each of the 12 contestants a choreographed dance and they compete for “likes” voted on by the audience. The show is proving that, “On the app, what leads to success is not necessarily good dancing, but, really, the personality of the performer.” (NYT)