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HBO is hyping fans for the release of their Game of Thrones spin off with an immersive AR experience.

Jun 29 2022

HBO is hyping fans for the release of their Game of Thrones spin off with an immersive AR experience. Millennials, remember Tamagotchi? Well House Of Dragons: DracARys (emphasis on the AR) is giving that same energy by allowing users to take care of and train their own dragons from eggs to adulthood. HBO says of their new game, “We’re creating an immersive experience that will allow old and new fans alike to engage in a unique journey, bringing them closer to the Westeros featured in the new series House of the Dragon.” From the same company that brought young people one of the hottest mobile games ever: Pokemon Go, GOT fans will be able to “become their own mother of dragons” on the app and even attend an egg hatching ceremony. It looks like YPulse’s prediction of the gamification of entertainment is continuing to prove true and is moving beyond platforms like Netflix. (UPROXX)