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Gen Z is gearing up for a #Pamcore Summer on TikTok.

Jun 29 2022

Gen Z is gearing up for a #Pamcore Summer on TikTok. Thanks to the gen’s most used app, fashion trends have been wildly accelerated and “core” aesthetics are continuing to pop up at a rapid pace. The latest: Gen Z is glorifying Pamela Anderson’s ‘90s and early ‘00s blonde bombshell hair, skin tight dresses, and high-cut one-piece swimsuits for summer 2022. Fans are imitating the Baywatch star by using her filter on TikTok, giving users thinly arched eyebrows, heavily lined lips, and a deep smokey eye. The gen’s interpretation involves replicating not only her looks, but her laid-back L.A. rock star wife lifestyle. Since this spring’s finale of Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, #Pamcore has amassed 632.9K views on the app and “searches for Anderson’s 90s outfits and makeup have surged on Pinterest.” (Sourcing Journal)