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Gen Z VidCon attendees are sharing what they want from video content.

Jun 27 2022

Gen Z VidCon attendees are sharing what they want from video content. For years, VidCon has been the gathering place of online video’s biggest fans, and you can be sure they have opinions. When asked if they could choose one out of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat, or Facebook, the majority of VidCon’s Gen Z goers picked YouTube and TikTok. One 16-year-old said of TikTok, “it’s a love-hate relationship for me…sometimes I’m like addicted to it, which I don’t like, but it is funny and it’s relaxing even.” The majority of Gen Z attendees also said they are not watching content on Facebook or Instagram and even Snapchat is falling off their radars. The biggest takeaway from VidCon’s Gen Z attendance was that they feel entertainment is getting “too corporate” with the way platforms are prioritizing ads. When a content creator gets even a little popular, they are immediately jumping on brand deals, which Gen Z feels lessens the authenticity of their content, but they also say if the opportunity happened to them, they’d do the same thing. YPulse research shows watching YouTube videos and video content on social media are two of the top things Gen Z is doing in their free time. (Digiday)