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Gen Z is obsessing over a new kind of selfie.

Jun 27 2022

Gen Z is obsessing over a new kind of selfie. YPulse research shows while Gen Z is more likely than Millennials to share content, young people are getting burnt out on social media and the pressure to post perfect photos. But with their new approach to selfies, the gen is showing how they embrace sharing more real and messy content. Dubbed “0.5 selfies” (pronounced “point five”), the wide angle approach to snapping photos is taking over young people’s camera rolls. Following Apple’s release of their phones with an ultra-wide-angle lens, young consumers have been eating up the fact that they can make themselves and their friends’ selfies look extremely disproportionate and hilarious. Wherever Gen Z goes, there’s likely to be a 0.5 photo taken—the selfies are flooding their Instagram feeds, group chats, and are a guaranteed occurrence at any party/event. The pictures are a far cry from perfect, with a good laugh being the main point of them, but the carefree and comedic approach to selfies proves how the gen is taking social media and virtual behavior into their own hands. With bulging foreheads, Phineas and Ferb-like noses, and eyes looking in two different directions, the photos are borderline creepy in the best way possible. (NYT)